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Unit Crests
What is a Unit Crest?
Unit Crests, or "Distinctive Unit Insignia" (DUI), are worn by United States Army soldiers and are designed by the U.S. Army Institute of Heraldry. These enamel metal insignia are worn by US Army enlisted personnel and officers on the shoulder loops of the green service uniform jacket. The unit crest is also displayed on the beret flash. In the past, ceremonial units were often authorized to display the unit crest on the Army dress blue uniform. All US Army elements listed in AR 670-1 with at least 500 personnel have a DUI assigned to them. Army National Guard units are authorized to display the crest of the state assigned to them.

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US Army Unit Crest: 416th Engineer Command - Motto: SERVING BY BUILDING US Army Unit Crest: 85th USAR Support Command - Motto: CUSTER US Army Unit Crest: 224th Aviation Regiment - Motto: FREE DOMINION US Army Unit Crest: 4th Air Defense Artillery - Motto: AUDACIA
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US Army Unit Crest: 2nd Air Defense Artillery - Motto: FIDUS ULTRA FINEM US Army Unit Crest: 2nd Aviation Battalion - Motto: EXCELSUS US Army Unit Crest: National Guard - Massachusetts - Motto: ENSE PETIT PLACIDAM US Army Unit Crest: 315th Regiment (USAR) - Motto: QUI ME TANGIT PAENITEBIT
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SKU: 1-C7635-Y
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US Army Unit Crest: 59th Ordnance Brigade - Motto: POWER TO SPARE US Army Unit Crest: 12th Cavalry Regiment - Motto: SEMPER PARATUS US Army Unit Crest: Medical Center and School - Motto: TO CONSERVE FIGHTING STRENGTH (Now Known As Academy Of Health and Science) US Army Unit Crest: 304th Military Intelligence Battalion - Motto: HONOR VIGILANCE DUTY
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US Army Unit Crest: 77th Armor Regiment - Motto: INSISTE FIRMITER US Army Unit Crest: 29th Support Battalion - Motto: SERVICE ALL WAYS US Army Unit Crest: 3rd Armor Cavalry - Motto: BRAVE RIFLES US Army Unit Crest: Command and General Staff College - Motto: LEAVENWORTH AD BELLUM PACE PARATI
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SKU: 4505255
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