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June 14th, 1775 Congress adopted the American Continental Army after The Committee of the Whole reached a consensus. This decision was concealed by a veil of secrecy which lead to an incomplete record of all the decisions involved in the creation of the Army. The record very clearly indicated that Congress undertook the creation of ten companies of rifleman and many of the rules for the government of the Army. The recorded accounts of the Congressional delegates reveals the many steps involved in this historical decision to raise a regional Army from the original thirteen colonies including the number of companies from each of the different colonies. Congress determined that each company should consist of one captain, three lieutenants, 4 sergeants, 4 corporals, a drummer or horn player and 68 privates. Each member enlisted for a one year period that would expire July 1st, 1776. The response to the original call for skilled marksmen was so successful congress raised the quota of companies for Pennsylvania from 6 to 8. The Continental Army was off to a great start and has maintained and increased it's strength continually ever since. For more details and a very extensive history of the United States Army visit the U.S. Army Center of  Military History.
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